Freddie – a wonderful host

Meanwhile, Rolf’s wound has dried so far that he can venture into the sea. While I can not stop relax with dive-glasses and snorkel at the Dories & Co, I relax on the platform and really enjoy this wonderful view of the island and our resort, Rolf tries to swim on the platform. To us means that besides me is still a German with me on the platform, with which I am just about their profession and their travel plans, etc. exchange. She has also managed the jungle trek with her daughter at the age of 66, and she is absolutely delighted that the monkey took her hand.

Blick von der Plattform auf unser Resort

We watch Rolf, who seems to float on the spot and drifting further to the right. I wonder if he still manages to do this or whether he needs my help. As I listen to their stories, I keep him in view. He raises his head and calls me „I can not manage it“, which I can understand the flow well. Luckily, he managed to get it back to the shore, though with a small scratch. The emergence is already difficult in the face of the stones.

In the late afternoon at low tide we try one more time. I bare my feet barefoot over the stones, while Rolf with his barefoot shoes loosely over goes. With the GoPro, we have fun when shooting under water and on the platform. So romantic! Our last 4-course menu with Tuna steaks surpasses all previous dinner. Incredibly delicious! With our four German backpackers, whom we met, we had a funny last night.

Fähre nach Banda Aceh

At six o’clock the alarm rings next morning. Let’s go to the next adventure. After all, we do not know when and if we get away from Banda Aceh. Our goal is Takengon or Ketambe. The farewell to Freddie is so hard that I barely get a word out. I have never seen such a touching host on all my journeys, who inquire every evening for the well-being of the guests, who is so passionate about this resort and the evening dinner, which organizes everything you need, easy Your wellbeing. A last photo of us three, a fat pusher, a „travel safety“, a tear in the eye and off we go to the ferry.

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